Titanium Cylinder Stoves

Titanium cylinder stoves are lightweight, packable, quality stoves designed to keep you warm and comfortable in the worst weather conditions. These wood stoves are made to be used inside your tent or shelter, with the ability to cook food, dry gear, and keep you comfortable while enjoying the great outdoors.

Our titanium stoves are amazingly lightweight, are large in size when set up, and have the ability to be dissassembled into a size small enough to fit into your pack. The air intake vent found on all of our titanium wood burning stoves is fully adjustable, allowing you to have total control over how hot and how long your fire will burn. We use titanium as a central material in the production of our lightweight stoves. Titanium is less heat conductive, which means more heat is able to radiate through the stove. This equates to more heat being able to reach you and less is lost up the pipe, resulting in slower fires and longer burn times. Titanium is also stronger and harder than stainless steel, at half the weight.

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