Videos – Helpful Information Regarding Our Titanium Wood Stoves

Use this page to learn more about our titanium wood stoves, such as how to assemble the stove and stove pipe.

Putting Your Stove Together
This video demonstrates how to put your LiteOutdoors stove together.
Rolling Your New Stove Pipe
A video illustrating how to set up your new LiteOutdoors stovepipe in preparation of your first burn.
Stove Baffle In Action
This video shows a LiteOutdoors stove with a baffle installed. Note how the flames and hot gasses are diverted to the front of the stove, then to the back of the stove before exiting up the pipe.
LiteOutdoors Cooking Test | Living Survival
Showing the ability to boil water on a LiteOutdoors stove
Burning A LiteOutdoors Stove
A quick video showing a LiteOutdoors cylinder stove burning inside a tipi tent.